Risk Management, An Opportunity For Business Performance

Against a backdrop of changing global economic conditions, companies are continually seeking new sources of growth. As part of this approach, some lead transformation projects while others invest in innovation or make a choice to grow internationally. Whatever their strategy, companies are exposed to many risks. “Transformation projects are certainly essential for companies to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive environment, but often require them to make large investments,” explains Sebastian Rimbert, Managing Partner Ernst & Young.An approach that induces strategic risks that may, for example, be linked to the choice of a host country or the activity to be developed. “

Technological risks are worrying

Among the risks that are considered to be of concern by the companies that take part in these approaches, those related to technologies come at the top of the list. Technologies play a vital role in the strategic planning of the vast majority of companies, whether for the development of new products and services or operational efficiency. According to the 2015 edition of emerging risks by Chubb (formerly ACE), the technological risk has become the one that mobilizes the most time and resources of the risk manager. He is also the one who could have the most significant financial impact on their business.